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Signature Residence SA offers a property management concierge service that will handle the day-to-day operations for your investment property, taking away all your headaches – Just think of us as your tenant’s first point of contact for all their rental needs or just even taking care of your property until you return to SA again.




Our Property Management Concierge service will handle the day-to-day operations for your investment property, taking away all your headaches – just think of us as your tenant’s first point of contact for all their rental needs.

Coordinate turnover preparation, such as arranging necessary repairs and cleaning. Facilitate key-transfer, move-in/-out inspections, and provide welcome packages.

Collect rents on your behalf. The net rent amount is deposited into your account in less than two weeks.

Report any maintenance issues to you and address them in a timely manner. The contractors used could be in Signature Residence SA’s network, and if you wish to use yours, we’ll coordinate the minor repairs at no additional costs.

Monthly and yearly financial statements provided, along with invoices and payment records (when requested), to be shared with your accountant.

If a tenant we placed misses a rent payment, we’ll take appropriate legal actions. Their non-payment of rent will be reported to Landlord Credit Bureau, which will then report to the credit agencies. We’ll also coordinate 3rd-party legal professionals to assist your needs.

Detailed bi-annual inspections of the unit in a report documented with pictures, videos and comments.

Notices for upcoming insurance renewals, rental increases, tenants moving, entry into the unit, etc.


We manage seasonal lets on behalf of an owner, including services such as: meet and greet, cleaning, check-out, ad creation and communication with guests, etc.

In fact, although we’re talking about Airbnb management services we could equally talk about short-stay management services, holiday lettings management services and short-stay management services. Indeed, for the most part, we don’t only rent through Airbnb but also on a range of platforms that have emerged over the past few years whereby we attract and retain mainly our European clientele to the likes of Germany, Switzerland, UK and also the US, to mention a few. And while our trade was less reliant on the internet in the past, it still existed well before Airbnb.

The marketing choice to call ourselves an “Airbnb management service” was made by the management services themselves in order to piggyback the success of Airbnb. This is because it’s the platform that resonates the most with the general public

We take away the hassle from start to finish, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey while your property earns for you. 

Every day we work with homeowners to help them save time and effort while transforming their property into a stable source of passive income.

So, outsource the grunt work to us, leave Signature Residence SA to worry about marketing, bookings, client screening, the customer’s endless questions cleaning and maintenance.

So what do you get as Signature Residence SA accommodation partner?


  • Property Inspection
  • Ingoing inventory stock count
  • Interior design consultation (Optional)
  • Setup new listing and go live
  • Professional photography
  • Create house manual ad recommendations
  • Pricing strategy consultation


  • Manage inbox
  • Manage booking calendar
  • Laundry and cleaning
  • Guest screening
  • Check ins/outs
  • Maintenance
  • Price adjustments
  • Emergencies


  • Formal agreement with Signature Residence SA
  • Formal ingoing and outgoing inspection for duration of mandate

At this time, we’re offering our Concierge Service for properties in select suburbs of the greater Cape Town area only. If you have any questions or are ready to move forward, please contact us at

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